Unlock your potential through our handcrafted websites

We can empower your organisation by creating custom-made software, tailored to exactly what your organisation needs to be effective. We are both capacity builders and outreach veterans and know what it takes to bring your movement into the new age.
If you are a smaller organisation, we also offer free, simpler websites through the Ghost blogging platform.
Already have a website and are struggling to pay the extortion-like hosting fees with what little funds you have? Let us know, we might just host it for you for free.

The age of costly, exposed email is over

We both know that your organisation could do with a bunch more email addresses, but did you know that it doesn't have to cost you all your funding, or any at all? Meet our very own mail server, a place where you can create as many addresses as you'd like, for any domain you own. We offer a privacy-conscious alternative where you can even opt to have your mails encrypted on our server. Break free from Google reading your mail and selling your data, or even Protonmail passing your details to authorities. The age of animal rights harnessing the power of privacy is now.

All your data at your fingertips

While it is convenient to quickly give in to using Dropbox or Google to collaborate on documents and share files, it can get very problematic very quickly, especially if civil disobedience gets involved. We offer our own, privacy-centered cloud solutions for organisations looking to manage their files. On top of that, we specialise in integrating them with existing infrastructure. Imagine a future where you can quickly manage documents on your site through a simple app on your phone. Now stop imagining and contact us, the future is here.

The possibilities are endless...

We offer plenty of self-hosted solutions, away from prying eyes and greedy corporations. Whether you need Google Analytics without the Google (Matomo), or a community password manager without overpriced features (Vaultwarden), we've got the movement covered.

Your imagination is the limit

Need something that is not on this list? If you are an organisation that needs sophisticated custom-made software, please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.