If you are an animal rights organisation that aligns with our values, we have certain services that we can provide to you for free using our own platforms and infrastructure.
If you are a for-profit business that still aligns with the animal rights movement in one way or another through the service you provide, we are also happy to provide you our resources as a paid service, significantly below market rates. The same goes for non-profit organisations that don't primarily focus on animal rights, but still pursue relevant issues such as environmentalism and social justice.


We currently provide simple blogging websites for organisations that need it through the Ghost blogging platform. This allows you to easily create and publish pages and posts for your organisation with very little effort. We can also host your existing site if you already have one, regardless of the platform it needs.


We also provide a mail service, allowing you to receive and send mail for your organisation under the domains that you own using our own mail server. This means that no third-party like Google has access to the mail you receive and you have full privacy over your operations. This also means that we are able to allow you to manage the mailboxes for your domains yourself, letting you create as many as you need.


We also offer a variety of other, smaller services that your organisation can make use of.


We offer a communication platform through our Mattermost server, a technology similar to Slack. You'll be able to get your own area on the server where you can create multiple channels and collaborate completely in private.


We offer analytics for your projects through Matomo, an analytics platform similar to Google Analytics. Matomo is completely GDPR compliant and respects the privacy of your users by abiding by the do-not-track header amongst other things. It also integrates with ease into many platforms you might be using.


If you are an organisation that needs sophisticated custom made software or websites, please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.