We are an organisation of passionate animal rights activists, dedicating our time and expertise to work towards a world without cages. We do this by leveraging our resources as an organisation to create projects and build infrastructure to aid other vegans and enable activists. On top of that, we also provide our resources free of charge to other organisations that are in need and align with our values. This way we seek to bolster the animal rights movement in an ethical way and modernise the fight against animal liberation.

For Animal Rights

We fight first and foremost for the animals. Every project we make is with the animals in mind, and while we support other causes, our main focus is animal liberation.

Promoting Inclusivity

Inclusivity isn't just fighting discrimination. It's about providing equal opportunities by encouraging and supporting those that haven't had equal chances in life up to this point.

Ethical Focused

We don't fight cruelty with more cruelty. We run everything on green servers and also aim to be transparent with public records of our expenses and open-source code.

If you are a group or individual that needs help, please read our values to see if they align with yours. If they do, please send us a mail and we'll gladly try and help you out. We can offer technical suppport with ongoing projects or create brand new projects to support your cause. If your group needs a place to securely communicate in private, we can also offer a space to use on our Mattermost server.