Founded in 2020 by someone that has priorly spent much of their time volunteering for animal rights through development work, Cage Undefined was created to bolster the animal rights movement with the valuable skillsets that many activists have and to promote and improve the ethics within the movement. By operating under a robust set of values and using the latest technologies, we hope to provide an ethical platform from which we can propel the movement into the modern era.

Ethical Approach

At Cage Undefined we don't believe in fighting cruelty with cruelty. Therefore we have devised and follow a robust set of values and take elaborate steps to make sure that these values are safeguarded throughout all of our operations.

  • Animal Rights
    All our projects and partners are focused around animal rights in one way or another. Additionally, we require all our volunteers to be vegan, in order to maintain the integrity of our mission throughout all of our projects.
  • Inclusivity
    We don't condone any kind of discrimination in our organisation are accepting of everyone, regardless of their race, gender identity, sexuality, age and religion. Additionally, organisations we partner with and provide services for are thoroughly vetted to make sure that they provide equal opportunities to everyone.
  • Sustainability
    Our servers are powered by wind energy and run on ethical and sustainable hardware, meaning that most of the technology behind our organisation is completely sustainable and does not negatively impact the environment.
  • Privacy
    We host all of our projects and most of our infrastructure on our own servers in the Netherlands under strict privacy laws and are very picky with the third-party services we utilise. This makes sure that the data that other parties have access to regarding our organisation and our users is extremely limited.
  • Transparency
    We try to keep our organisation as transparent as possible wherever we can. This includes publisising our decision making on important matters and public records of our donations and spending. Additionally, all our projects are open source not only to contribute to the open source community, but also to make it possible to be audited by any third-party.