Founded in 2020 by someone that has priorly spent much of their time volunteering for animal rights through development work, Cage Undefined was created to give every animal rights activist with a valuable skillset an opportunity to put their skills to use for the movement. By operating under a robust set of moral principles and using the latest technologies, we hope to provide a platform were many activists are able and feel comfortable to collaborate.


At Cage Undefined we're taking elaborate steps to make sure that these values are safeguarded. We host all of our projects and most of our infrastructure on our own servers in the Netherlands and are very picky with the third-party services we utilise. This ensures that no questionable parties have access to the data of our users and we are capable of safeguarding their privacy. Our servers are also powered by wind energy and run on ethical and sustainable hardware , meaning that most of our organisation is completely sustainable.


We try to make Cage Undefined a place that is open to and comfortable for everyone. We therefore do not condone any kind of discrimination, either in our own organisation or organisations that we partner with. While reviewing applications, we also try and reach out to people that didn't quite meet our standards, but we feel could pass the bar with some guidance and encouragement. This should enable people that have been disadvantaged in life to still have access to the same opportunities.


In order to be able to give every activist the means to contribute, Cage Undefined's server infrastructure is build upon a Docker Swarm. This allows any activist with any particular programming skillset - no matter how niche - to still contribute by deploying projects in a Docker container with their own specific technology stack. Whether you specialise in NodeJS, Python, Ruby, or PHP, we do away with stack limitations and allow teams to work with whatever stack they feel comfortable with.


To safeguard the privacy of our users, we host most of the services that we use ourselves. This includes analytics (Matomo), Single Sign-On (Keycloak) and our communication platform (Mattermost).